Project Details

A Hong Kong-based company BC Gateways has built an end-to-end blockchain communications platform that introduces a Shared Source of Truth with a single point of reconciliation, which enables the global financial services community to exchange information in a secure and streamlined way.The Gateway is a blockchain-enabled application that introduces a Shared Multilateral data equivalence is guaranteed by technology for a revolutionising and frictionless experience.

Fund data supported by The Gateway currently includes unit prices, tax, look through and offer documents. We are continuously working on adding more capabilities and more templates to include a broader range of data cross the investor value chain. The Gateway provides significant operating efficiencies and it will lower the costs, risks and complexities associated with the sharing of data.  As such, the application and its industry-wide community represents a major step forward for financial services globally. (source: BCG)

  • ClientBC Gateways
  • LocationHong Kong
  • IndustryFinancial
  • Project periodOctober 2016 - ongoing
  • Worked onblockchain platform which is used to distribute structured data and documents between members across industries, clear statistic, and graphs of transactions, accounting report with the ability to track and count transfers across industries.
  • TechnologiesRails 5, JSONAPI 1.0, Trailblazer, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, EmberJS, AWS (EC2, S3, SES, Route53, CloudWatch), Hyperledger burrow, Ethereum Classic, Solidity

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