Project Details

BeBank is a mobile app developed for iOS and Android platforms to send and receive money between users. The created system of accounts allows users to check their balances in USD and BTC and see the total amount of available funds.Users have the possibility to make transfers of money to BeBank and not BeBank users with the help of providers. Users who are not connected to the BeBank app will be redirected to App Store or Play Market. Also, users can buy or sell cryptocurrency, change their balances in USD and BTC.

  • ClientBeBank
  • LocationHong Kong
  • IndustryFinancial
  • Project periodMarch 2018 - March 2019
  • Worked onMobile banking app using integration of multiple mobile API services for transfer money to different users, providing the possibility to buy/sell cryptocurrency (exchange/transfer calculations)
  • TechnologiesAPI: nodeJS, express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, Redis, Kue, Joi, Airbrake, CI, Docker, Docker-compose, Packer; Android: JSON API, RxJava, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Fabric, Room; iOS: Swift, Xcode, AVFoundation, Contacts, Core Data, Core Location, MapKit, UserNotifications, UIKit, Alamofire, Crashlytics, Fabric, RxSwif

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