Project Details

Bitspark is the world's first end to end money transfer platform leveraging Bitcoin.

Bitspark provides the world first cash in cash out remittance platform for individuals and Money Transfer Operators to send money to emerging markets cheaper, quicker and to more destinations than ever before leveraging Bitcoin as the means of transmission with zero prior Bitcoin knowledge.

Bitspark is a Hong Kong registered start­up founded in April 2014 with the unique vision of changing the world with cryptocurrency. With early success after being the first in the world to offer end to end blockchain powered remittances in late 2014, the company has since secured funding and will be unveiling a new product that will disrupt the way we send money worldwide. (source: BitSpark )

  • ClientBitspark Limited
  • LocationHong Kong
  • IndustryFinancial Services
  • Project periodAugust 2015 - ongoing
  • Worked onintegration multiple API services for transfer money to different destinations using bitcoins as main backend currency, users statistics generation, base money operations(exchange/transfer calculations)
  • TechnologiesRails 4, Sidekiq, Android MVVM, Android Databinding, Realm, Retrofit, PostgreSQL, JSON API, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJs, Capistrano, Rspec, Unicorn, Nginx, AWS, S3

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