Project Details

EightD&Co is a group of companies that include our product innovation foundry, neobanking company, cyber-security consultancy, artificial intelligence laboratory and charitable foundation.

The 8dX exchange project core modules should be developed to achieve two outcomes; firstly to accelerate the sales and marketing process by providing a working demonstration of the intended technology, to provide the Sales team as well as prospective customers access to a working crypto-exchange, and give the marketing team a tangible product to begin defining the parameters of the product offering (and limits); secondly to deliver the basis for a high performance core exchange that is scalable from a trading and ICO issuance perspective so that the core exchange modules can be used by Hyper-exchange, 8dX and the 8d Pay product family.

  • ClientEightD&Co.
  • LocationAustralia
  • IndustryFinancial
  • Project periodMay 2019 - ongoing
  • Worked onblockchain platform which will be used for exchange trading
  • TechnologiesRuby, Rails 5.2, Elixir, Phoenix, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Docker Swarm, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, ERC20

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