Project Details

Elearnio is an elearning startup which focuses on employee onboarding. The project will help customers to engage new employees efficient and for the long-term. Employees will have an easy tool to reach their goals in a company and to make progress in their job.

Elearnio allows companies to create own courses in simple and interactive way in order to make new employees feel more comfortable during onboarding at a new company.

Elearnio has powerful gamification mode which encourage employees to learn new technologies to be on the first place in the leadership board. A big variety of settings allows trainers and group-managers to create organized training groups.

  • Clientelearnio GmbH
  • LocationBerlin Germany
  • IndustryOnboarding software
  • Project periodJune 2018 - ongoing
  • Worked onWhole project
  • TechnologiesAngular CLI, Angular 8, Typescript, Rx.js, i18n, Jasmine, Karma, Istambul coverage reporter, Protractor, SASS(Scss), Bulma.css, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Trailblazer, JWT, JSON API, MySQL, Redis, AWS SQS, S3, TDD, RSpec, Docker

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