Project Details

Emphy is decentralized blockchain lodging ecosystem. Blockchain technology along with smart contracts provides safer, faster and more affordable way to rent properties for vacations.

Emphy will make it possible to solve and simplify the problems that most of the guests and landlords face. Emphy is the way to better travel experiences, discovering new destinations, meeting new people.

Each user of the Emphy platform is verified through the automatic ID confirmation system using face recognition technology. EmphyCoin is the unit of account between all users of the Emphy ecosystem. Blockchain combined with smart contracts will eliminate the dependence on the centralized system between the participants of the transaction. The QR code is used to determine the check-in and check-out. Also, the host and the guest leave each other's feedback which forms the user's rating. (source: emphy.io)

  • ClientEmphy
  • LocationEstonia
  • IndustryFinancial
  • Project periodApril 2018 - ongoing
  • Worked ondeveloping a mobile app for booking inventories, using different technologies. Users have the possibility to book inventory and pay for it using cryptocurrency (exchange/transfer calculations).
  • TechnologiesAPI: nodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Redis, Kue, Docker, Docker-compose, Packer, web3.js, geth, Twillio, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Gitlab CI/CD, SocketIO, BranchIO, GraphQL, Stripe; Android/IOS: React-Native, Mobx, FCM, Stripe, Google Maps, Google Places, Crashlytics, Fabric, Socket.io, Jest, Lodash, Moment, GraphQL

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