Project Details

The FreeStyle App was created with the hair and beauty concerns of the black community in mind, as a new social networking app for exploring your friends’ photos, reviews and recommendations for the hottest hair and beauty professionals near you. The FreeStyle App was subsequently created as a word of mouth platform that reflects our voices and referrals for trusted professionals within an industry where a specialized understanding of ethnic differences plays a key role in the quality and effectiveness of service (source: The FreeStyle app)

  • ClientFreeStyle LLC
  • LocationUSA
  • IndustrySocial platform
  • Project periodJanuary 2017 - June 2018
  • Worked onIntegration multiple API services for payment, notifications, calendar events, sharing etc.
  • TechnologiesRails 5, PostgreSQL, JSON API, HTML5, CSS3, Capistrano, Rspec, Unicorn, Nginx, AWS, S3, IOS VIPER, EventKit, UserNotifications.Using payment systems: Stripe, Square

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