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MOCA app allows you to Vote and Curate shows or exhibit your own Artworks into The New York Museum of Contemporary Art in Manhattan.Use Maps for art tours! Discover hidden sculptures, street art or find an artist working in their remote studio somewhere in the world, they may have a treasure for you to collect or see.Host a show anywhere at any time. Post Solo shows, organize or submit into group shows and visit exhibitions everywhere.Upload, track and catalog your entire art history, for free, protect the values and document important facts, images and video all on one Credential page.Sell, collect, rent, seek out, promote and inspire a worldwide art gallery. (source: MyMoca)

  • ClientMoca
  • LocationNew York, USA
  • IndustryMuseum
  • Project periodJanuary 2017 - ongoing
  • Worked oniOS/Android
  • TechnologiesReact Native, GraphQL, MobX, Branch, Fabric, Google Maps API, Node.js, MongoDB, Pastec, express-graphql, Docker, Docker Compose, ES6

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