Enhancing the Museum Experience through an Interactive Mobile App and Games

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01. Challenge

Traditional museum visits often fail to engage and captivate visitors, resulting in limited interest and reduced overall impact. Visitors often find it challenging to connect with the exhibits, understand their significance, and delve deeper into the subject matter.

Additionally, the lack of interactive elements and engaging activities can make the
museum experience feel passive and monotonous.

02. Solution

To address the aforementioned challenges, our team developed an innovative mobile app designed to revolutionize the museum experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including an infrastructure system, an AI engine, and interactive games, our app aims to make museum visits more enjoyable, educational, and immersive.


Infrastructure System:
To ensure seamless connectivity and user experience, we developed a robust infrastructure system. This system facilitates real-time communication between the app and various elements within the museum, such as exhibits, interactive displays, and audio guides. By leveraging this infrastructure, visitors can access relevant information and engage in interactive activities throughout their museum journey.

Mobile Apps:
See how easy you can navigate through the museum halls, and get the better experience exploring. 

AI Engine:
Our app incorporates a powerful AI engine that enhances the visitor experience. The introduction of image recognition technology in the app has significantly enriched the museum visit. Visitors can now delve deeper into the exhibits by accessing comprehensive information, historical facts, and interactive multimedia content simply by pointing their devices at the objects. This feature adds an additional layer of engagement and interactivity, creating a memorable and immersive museum experience for users of all ages.

Interactive Games:
We understand the importance of interactive elements in fostering engagement and learning. Therefore, our app features a collection of captivating games that enable visitors to actively participate in the museum visit. These games are designed to be educational, entertaining, and aligned with the museum’s exhibits, offering a gamified learning experience. Visitors can access these games via the app, which is available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store

Offline Mode:
Offline mode allows users to access certain features and content within the app even when they do not have an internet connection. Optimize and compress the data to reduce storage requirements and enhance the app’s performance. Implement caching mechanisms within the app to store data locally on users’ devices.

03. Team and Technologies

The core team for 1 mobile app for a particular museum contained a mobile engineer for
both Android and iOS, a full time backend developer and a devops engineer to setup the
platform in the early stage of the project. The Data Engineer was also involved AI work.

PM – We use Gitlab for project management and version control. It’s also tightly integrated with AdobeXD for mockups and Miro for documentation

Mobile Engineer – React Native (Android+iOS)

Backend Engineer – Python

Data Engineer – AI Engine for Image Recognition and Profiles Matching

DevOps – The platform is hosted on AWS and private servers

QA – Manual QA was heavily focused on Mobile testing and user experience. Supported all major versions of Android and iOS with different screen sizes and resolutions for the best use experience in museums

04. Impact

The introduction of our interactive mobile app has significantly transformed the museum experience, leading to several noteworthy impacts:

06. Info

Services: Museum & Art, Infrastructure System, Interactive Games, React Native, iOS, Android, AWS, AI, Mobile App Development, BLE.
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